What a short-sighted view

Published: Wednesday, 18 October 2023

I NOTICE that the IWA is most pleased that the HS2 has had cancellations.

So this means that boaters will not be upset by very fast trains going past and disturbing them for just seconds, for, travelling at over 200mph, it is there and gone in seconds, writes Jim Cracken.

Hardly bother most boaters

This would hardly bother most boaters, for if they are cruising the noise of their engines will nullify most of any noise, and surely if that bothered them they would have the sense to moor away from the route of HS2.

It seems progress is not wanted by the IWA, stuck in its ancient canal age.

TGVThis country introduced the railways to the world, but alas we are now so far behind, with such as others replacing their old diesel powered locos with electric—and I thought that was what was wanted—so hardly makes sense keeping diesel instead of going electric!

Cannot but be impressed

Anyone who has travelled on the high speed TGV trains of the continent, many double deckers, cannot but be impressed by the speed, sheer comfort and numbers of people one train can carry. But the IWA thinks we must stick in the 'slow lane' as the noise may upset its members.

Incidentally I am a boater, who would look forward to the HS2 and see, what after all, are spectacular real high speed trains speeding over our waterways, and feel that once again we hold our own in the matter of the railways, no matter what the IWA believe.