Caught in a stoppage!

Published: Saturday, 16 September 2023

THE law of averages meant it had to happen—being caught in a stoppage!

It was coming back on the Coventry at the two Glascote locks, when dropping down from the top lock we were brought to a standstill by a stuck raised paddle on the top gate of the bottom lock.

Paddle1Regular occurrence

The lady at the cottage was attempting to free the paddle with a pole, as it seems a regular occurrence, but with no luck, but she knew how to contact Canal & River Trust and doing so receiving the information that it would be a priority, and it proved to be as it was all done and dusted in two and a half hours.

But it was two 'likely lads' from a waiting boat that came with boat hooks, fetched a load of debris out that was obviously stopping the paddle from being lowered, and freed it!

Two fron the trust

Then came two from the trust and simply lowered the paddle, and allowed the waiting boats through.

But very strangely no stoppage notice appearing...