Peak Forest 'closed for an extended period of time'

Published: Saturday, 02 September 2023

MARPLE Flight on the Peak Forest Canal is to be closed  for an extended period of time.

Canal & River Trust have now chained-up locks 1 and 16 on the flight, Keith Gudgin reports.

MarpleSceneryDetailed survey

It was on the 17th of August that Lock 7 on the flight was discovered to have a problem with a 'detailed survey' being carried out.

This has concluded that the lock wall has moved substantially over a short period of time, and so the lock can no longer be operated safely even by a managed passage as it would pose a risk to anyone attempting to use it.

Substantial work

It is told that the repair will require substantial work and the lock will remain closed for an extended period of time, with the trust 'evaluating the design and method of the repair', adding that it will be doing its best to make sure it is 'prioritised in our works programme as soon as possible'.

The Peak Forest Canal has greatly suffered this year with lack of water, the continuing problems with Wood End Lift Bridge and the Marple Flight, leaving its boaters in an unenviable position.