Navigations reopened

Published: Thursday, 17 August 2023

THE following navigations that were under repair, have now been reopened.

Calder & Hebble

The Calder & Hebble has had the gates on Lock 10 successfully completed and the lock is available for normal use.

A bracket has been manufactured and fixed to the downstream towpath side gate. This gate should be closed first before the offside gate. The bracket will ensure the gates meet together and prevent them crossing over each other.

Leeds & Liverpool

Leeds & Liverpool Canal has had navigation resumed following a successful repair to the culvert between Bridge 31, New Lane Swing Bridge and Bridge 32, Crabtree Swing Bridge.

Boaters however are asked to proceed through the area with care as contractors remain onsite to continue works to the towpath and surrounding areas.

Rochdale Canal

Repairs to the gates and the cills at Lock 8 have been completed together with the water issues that have been resolved between Lock  8 and Lock 9.

These locks are now fully operational with no time restrictions.

Wakefield Branch Aire & Calder

Repairs to the broken sluice stalk on Birkwood Lock 2 have been successful on the Wakefield Branch of the Aire & Calder.

The lock is now open for navigation.

Rochdale Canal

The fabric dam has been removed from Mayroyd Lock 8 on the Rochdale Canal and the water levels have been restored.

It was discovered that there is an issue with both paddles and the metal work in the brackets and rods needs to be replaced.

Weaver Navigation

Sutton Weaver Swing Bridge on the Weaver Navigation has had its operating fault resolved and is open for use.

For boats with an air draught greater than 9ft 0ins/2.74m wishing to navigate through this bridge, call the North West Customer Support team on 0303 040 4040 to arrange an appointment.

[Our appreciation of the effort of Keith Gudgin for this information.]