Tampering with the Erewash paddles again

Published: Monday, 05 June 2023

ONCE again Canal & River Trust tell that vandals have been tampering with the paddles on the Erewash Canal.

PaddlesErewasThis time it is Stanton Lock which has completely drained the pound from Hallam Fields above to Stanton Lock, Keith Gudgin reports.

Repair broken locks

He askingas we have often done—why doesn't the trust replace the broken ant-vandal locks, that over the years have ceased to function, having had no maintenance?

Thus leaving the paddles available for vandals to drain pounds.

It is reported that the other pounds are also affected but it is expected that the pounds would be refilled over the week-end. 

The picture shows the anti-vandal lock on a Trent Lock paddle that will close but will not secure as the bolt is so worn it will not hold.