Which has the record?

Published: Wednesday, 03 May 2023

OVER the past months the Leeds & Liverpool has most certainly taken the record for closures, but the Aire & Calder is catching up!

The month started with the Aire & Calder closed at Whitley Lock (12) again, with an hydraulic fault, following the closure of this same lock in early April.

Another closure

May 2nd saw yet another closure on the Leeds & Liverpool of Lock 63 on Johnson's Hill with a fault with a tailgate collar and hinge.

Then came the 3rd of the month and Keith Gudgin adds to the list with a failure of Lock 44 of Marsworth Flight on the Grand Union, but this time a little more dramatic—a broken balance beam, that must have been overlooked during the winter maintenance.

Narrowboats only

The good news is that boaters were only held up a few days as the Leeds & Liverpool fault was rectified and the Grand Union gate with the broken balance beam was closed, using the remaining gate to allow narrowboats only through.

LATEST—booking is required for Lock 44 on the Grand Union. But a later notice stated in was closed...