Holiday curtailed by Stone stoppage

Published: Monday, 17 April 2023

I WAS MOST annoyed to learn that the Trent & Mersey is being closed for three days at Stone as that means our holiday is curtailed, writes Tom Turner.

This means that we cannot now make it to the Caldon Canal that we so looked forward to as there is no way we can alter the date and most certainly cannot make up for the three lost days.

Could be five days

With contractors involved, even if we could make up the time there is no guarantee that the job will be done in three days, as five is the usual for contractors these days.

I think this is another of those winter works (that aren't) that was cancelled and should have been done, like it says, in the winter. So bang goes the second time we have attempted the Caldon.

I was the one who wrote about giving up caravanning for a narrowboat, but are certainly having second thoughts, as not as easy to get where you want.