Canals closing en masse

Published: Saturday, 08 April 2023

ADDING to the listed eight canal closures during this week are two more!

The season is only two days old yet the waterways are closing en masse, with the Ashton Canal adding to the list with a broken cill at Lock 18 at Droylsden, Keith Gudgin reports.

Alas this is no longer a one day job as contractors usually drag it out from Monday to Friday, but with next Monday a public holiday, there is no intimation when it will be attended to or completed.

Lock38MarsdenProne to error

The other failure is a new curiously named one of Canal & River Trust, we being told a lock flight is 'prone to error' and so a significant water loss on the Huddersfield Narrow on Marsden Flight between L42E and L32E, obviously meaning locks 42E and 32E.  (Lock 38E pictured.)

So now, the lock flight is being kept chained-up with passage allowed only on Tuesdays and Fridays.

But there are a number of volunteers available locally that can be called upon to assist to 'coincide with your requirements'. Prior booking is essential.