Three Aire & Calder locks fail in under three weeks

Published: Wednesday, 05 April 2023

THE recent suggestion to use the Aire & Calder again for freight seems doomed to failure if the condition of the locks are anything to go by.

The failure of Whitley Lock on Monday is the third lock failure in two and a half weeks, reports Keith Gudgin.

WhitleyLockAireOn the 18th of last month Woodnook Lock had a 'malfunction' followed on the 22nd by Bulholme Lock having a 'mechanical function', and now Whitley Lock (pictured) has a 'sluice failure'.

All three closing the waterway

All three closing the waterway, but with our being told: 'Until a repair can be undertaken it may be possible to organise having the full commercial lock in operation managed by volunteers and staff on a limited time basis. This option is being explored right now.'

It certainly does not look too good for re-opening the navigation for freight.


Whitley Lock will be operated for two hours a day at noon.