Aminated safety films for new boaters

Published: Thursday, 30 March 2023

ALL too often new boaters taking their first cruises get into difficulties putting their safety—and that of othersat risk.

Safety1But now a new series of animated films designed to help boaters navigate the UK’s inland waterways safely have been launched by the partnership of Canal & River Trust and the Environment Agency.


The five short, animated videos, available on YouTube, are designed primarily for new boaters, including hire boaters. They give straightforward guidance on staying safe when boating, mooring, and using locks. There is also information about bridges, tunnels, weirs and sluices, and advice to help boaters protect the waterway network’s unique heritage and wildlife.

Safety2The animations are designed to complement the Boater’s Handbook by offering key navigation advice in an alternative and, for many, more accessible formatthat should be welcomed by new boaters. 

Matthew Symonds, National Boating Manager at Canal & River Trust, explained:

Best possible experience

“The waterways are fantastic places to explore by boat and it’s great that boating remains a popular leisure and holiday option for so many people experiencing the waterways for the first time.

"We want to make sure people have the best possible experience and provide them with the information they need to safely handle a boat. These videos cover all the things boaters could expect to come across in an everyday cruise, and we hope that they will help new boaters feel confident as they cast off and discover the wonders of the nation’s inland waterways.”

Safety3Jo Scully, National Navigation Manager at the Environment Agency, added:

Listened to customers

“Having listened to our customers we are delighted to launch, along with the Canal & River Trust, these quick and easy to watch safety videos which will help bring confidence to new boaters setting out on the water for the first time. They highlight hazards and how to avoid them, so you can relax and safely enjoy the pleasures of our beautiful waterways alongside other river users.”

The videos can be viewed here:

Canal & River Trust YouTube playlist: Boating Guides - YouTube

Environment Agency YouTube playlist: Boating safely - YouTube