So where the increased costs?

Published: Thursday, 23 March 2023

C&RT say mooring fees have to rise to cover increased mooring maintenance costs, writes Rob Halliday.

Where the increased costs?

We have had several moorings over the years and have never seen any maintenance staff so where do they have increased costs?

C&rt say that continuous cruisers should pay more for a licence because they use the system more. When restrictions were lifted after lockdown C&rt said that the system failed because it had not been used. Surely this means that continuous cruisers should be praised not punished?

C&rt say cyclists and pedestrians pay through taxes. Fair enough but also their contributions are reducing.

Paying twice

They want to charge boats more for their licence to make up the shortfall, not fair. Also a lot of boaters work and pay taxes which means they are paying twice.

On a different subject why do C&rt still have winter stoppages when half get cancelled and we have as many stoppages in the summer?