Are towpath attacks calculated in the 'wellbeing'

Published: Monday, 06 February 2023

WITH, we are told, being by a canal is responsible for a 6% increase in your wellbeing, are their attacks and drownings also calculated? Tom Crossley asks.

Or in fact, were they even told of at that most doubtful calculation of supposed wellbeing by water?

Opposite of wellbeing

Very doubtful indeed. So I shall tell of the very opposite of wellbeing on the towpaths, as were reported during 2022:

February—Teenager assaulted on the towpath of the Bridgewater Canal.

JuneWoman attacked on the towpath of the Staffs & Worcester Canal.

JuneGirl sexually assaulted after being pulled off the towpath of the Ashton Canal.

June—Woman raped after being pulled off the towpath of the Coventry Canal.

AugustWoman injured after robbery on the Lancaster Canal.

November—This time a women assaulted on the Bridgewater Canal.

December74 years old man attacked on the Chesterfield Canal.

Not all reported

Seven attacks and some most serious, on or after being pulled off a canal towpath. And obviously not all reported. How about the wellbeing here?

Or about the wellbeing, particularly of women who are so nervous at walking a towpath, particularly alone, and in fact many who tell us will not.  Not much wellbeing herethe very opposite in factfear!

And then of course are the many canal drownings—no doubt also not calculated!