Wellbeing calculated degraded by 17.3% over past decade!

Published: Monday, 06 February 2023

Who cares about boaters wellbeing? Asks Andrew Claxby.

Taking into account the following:

Lack of maintenance

The lack of maintenance on the canals, e.g unusable lock paddles, lack of dredging, dense towpath vegetation, etc.

The 'upgrading' of the towpaths with hardcore tarmac which encourages cyclists to speed past moored boats.

I now dare not let my dog off its lead on the towpath due to the above.

Security on the towpath has declined due to the better surfaces provided near to 'Bandit Country'.

Can escape uncatchable

Thieves/vandals can make their way to moored boats and subsequently escape on a mountain bike rather than on foot rendering them uncatchable?

The increase in license fee despite the above negative changes.

Overall I have calculated that my wellbeing has been degraded by 17.3% over the past decade thanks to CaRT!