Restraining order against boater

Published: Wednesday, 01 February 2023

A BOATER being abusive to Avon National Trust staff has had a restraining order issued against him.

Salisbury Magistrates issued a restraining order against George Ward who was being abusive to the trust's workers who were in the process of examining his two narrowboats moored close to Smelly Bridge at Bradford-on-Avon.

Refusing to pay licences

George Ward was refusing to pay the boat licence for any of his two narrowboats and had not done so for some considerable time, so the trust had obtained an order from Bristol County Court giving him two months to licence both boats.

He was objecting to having to pay licences, believing that the rules did not apply to him, so given 14 days to identify a defence.

Will be removed

The court ordered that should the narrowboats not be licenced within two months they can be removed from the river.

George Ward accused the trust of bullying, intimidation, harassment and persecution, though it was trying to help the boater who had refused to licence his boats over a long period of time.