Stoppages fail to diminish

Published: Friday, 13 January 2023

THE stoppages on the waterways certainly fail to diminish as Keith Gudgin admirably puts it.

He tells of three failures yesterday, with the Peak Forest, Trent & Mersey added to the Calder & Hebble already reported.

Wood EndWood End Lift Bridge again

The Peak Forest sees yet another failure of the Wood End Lift Bridge (24) that failed on the 13th September followed by another failure just over a month later on the 21st October, and now two and half months later it has failed again due to an operating fault.

This surely shows the lack of capability of those who are supposed to have repaired it in the past with such constant repeated failures.

The Trent & Mersey is closed at Preston Brook Tunnel, that connects the canal with the the Bridgewater Canal.

The reason for this stoppage is an obstruction in the tunnel, though there is no indication of what it is.

Three in one day

These two failures add to the stoppage on the Calder & Hebble caused by the failure of the gates on Brighouse Bottom Lock (12), making three in one day.


Wood End Lift Bridge has been repaired and the navigation reopened.