Control zone on the Avon at Stratford

Published: Saturday, 07 January 2023

BOATERS using the Avon at Stratford should be aware that a control zone has been introduced on the river.

This has come into force following further bird flue cases resulting in more dead swans being discovered on the Avon in Stratford, Roger Fox reports.

SwansStratfordPrevent further spread

This has resulted in a 3km ‘captive bird controlled zone’ being put in place in the area to try and prevent further spread of the virus.

The new cases are in addition to the 30 swans having died in 2022 including six just before Christmas. This brings the total of swan deaths during the past two years to over 90.

Wild fowl have also been  affected over the same period.

No known cure

There is no known cure for avian flu, which leaves swans swimming in circles, or immobile and unable to feed themselves. The only option is to put the birds down.

Boaters, if mooring on the river are advised not to touch any swans or surfaces, such as mooring where bird dropping are prevalent and to have their dogs on leads and away from such areas.