Caen Hill Flight pumps work will leave boats grounded

Published: Thursday, 22 December 2022

THE long-awaited work on Cain Hill Flight pumps on the Kennet & Avon Canal means the long pound to Crofton will result in low water level.

floodlitCaenHillThis means that boats left in the long pound have been warned of grounding as there is ongoing work on the Crofton Pumping Station in addition to that at Caen Hill, so no water can be pumped, Keith Gudgin reports.

This will take place during the second phase of the work at Caen Hill with Canal & River Trust stating this phase of the project will deliver the main programme of works and is still being developed but is expected to take place in February.

Drop significantly

It is then that it is expected water levels to drop significantly as water cannot be replenished due to the on-going repair project at Crofton Pumping Station, with the trust warning that any boats moored in the long pound are likely to ground and it strongly advises that boats are not moored there during this time.

The lock flight will remain locked and ashed-up at Crofton whilst the work is in progress.

In the meantime the first phase of the work on Caen Hill will take place from Monday 9th January until Sunday 15th January, with the flight of course closed to navigation.

[Here's a photograph of Caen Hill lit-up for Christmas under the days of British Waterways.]