The way it affects boating

Published: Friday, 16 December 2022

WHAT you do not tell about the 'ridiculous' number of swing bridge breakdowns is the way it affects boating, writes, Colin Sebastian.

Out of action

Moored (not for much longer) at Skipton on the Leeds & Liverpool, whichever way we cruise we get swing bridges, and though you give publicity to such as the Coxhead, the local swing bridges are out of action for one reason or another but you don't mention them, and particularly how their failures affect boating

The three years we have been moored here have been a disaster, for four booked holidays have been ruined either by being held up whilst contractors get their *******'s in motion or Gargrave Locks are chained-up for one reason or another twice preventing our returning on time.

I have spoken to many others with boats on this canal and all are of the same opinion it is useless for cruising, with the last two years being one long nightmare, with closure after closure, down to the complete lack of foresight.

Complete kybosh

This year, with the mentioned lack of foresight at not seeing to the many leaking lock gates allowing water to drain away, (and reservoirs packed with silt cutting down capacity}, the lack of rain then put the complete kybosh on any effort to move.

I feel a lot better at getting this off my chest, and know I speak for others, so hope you will include, as someone needs a kick up the backside.