Otters back in the Soar

Published: Thursday, 04 February 2010

FOR the first time in around 30 years, an otter has been seen in the Soar near Leicester.

The first sighting was last November, but since then the environmentalists say that such sightings are a weekly occurrence, all in the South of the city centre.  The picture showing the area of the river where sightings have been made.

They are now being more closely monitored with extra camera equipment set up and DNA tests carried out on droppings, with Adrian Lane, the city council's Senior Riverside Officer, remarking their return was excellent news for the waterway, remarking:

"This has been the most positive news we've had. It is fantastic to have them back. They are beautiful creatures and it will be great when the population is such that people can regularly see them again.

However, otters are voracious fish eating mammals, and are certainly not welcome by anglers.