Council getting tough with moorers

Published: Thursday, 04 February 2010

SUCH is the problem with the ever increasing number of boats moored on the Cam in Cambridge that Cambridge City Council is considering moving boats off part of the river.

The council is getting so many complaints about  the growing number of boats moored above Jesus  Green Lock (pictured) that it is considering moving them  all, and in addition imposing a higher mooring charge on boaters using the river elsewhere, Alan Tilbury tells us.

The council is at present reviewing its policy and has issued a questionnaire  to get both the public and boaters'  views on mooring licence pricing and where mooring should be allowed, and is considering moving all the boats off the mooring at Jubilee Gardens, on the north bank opposite Jesus Green, to address 'the loss of amenity and visual impact caused by mooring at this point'.

Extra for wide beam boats

Unlike British Waterways it is also considering charging  an extra 50% more for wide beam boats using the river.

Camboaters, formed by the resident boaters in the city. are  very worried about the proposals, and particularly about splitting the boating communities, with the association holding an emergency meeting to consider its action against the removal of boats from the lock.

However, Councillor Julie Smith, Executive Councillor for Arts and Recreation, explained:

"I don't have any interest in gratuitously moving families. This is a consultation so nothing has been decided."

Views represented

She urged people to complete the questionnaire to ensure their views are represented.

The standard residential mooring licence is £913.10, but full-time students and the over 60s can claim a 50% reduction, though the council is also considering removing this discount.

The boaters have set up an online petition at: