Bilgeaway filter fitting for free!

Published: Saturday, 24 September 2022

BOAT owners who book a service with River Canal Rescue buying a Bilgeaway filter will have it fitted free!

In reminding owners to book a service so they’re cruising-ready for next year, the company are offering the fitting of the filter if purchased.

Servicing and inspections

RCR engineers are available up until mid-March, at set times, to undertake engine servicing and inspections, and prices start at £150. By ensuring everything is in working order now, the breakdown and assistance firm says it will reduce the number of call-outs in the future.

RCR will come to your vessel and undertake:

An engine oil change
Fuel & oil filter replacements
Gear box oil top-up
Anti-freeze and battery check
Fan belt check and adjustment

Simplified magnet system

The Bilgeaway filter will be fitted using the new simplified magnet system which makes it quicker and easier to fit. For sale at under £100, RCR’s filter removes contaminated water from bilges, preventing water pollution.

RCR also offers a fuel contamination treatment service whereby engineers clean both the fuel and your system.