Boaters' facilities protected on Middle Level

Published: Thursday, 22 September 2022

THE campaign against the plan to remove boaters' facilities in March on the Nene has resulted in the decision being reversed.

It was Fenland District Council that wanted to remove the boaters’ facilities block on the river, but campaigners have won their battle to protect it.

Decision reversed

The campaigning was undertaken by the Middle Level Commissioners and the Inland Waterways Association, that took on Fenland District Council when it was discovered the council wanted the facilities removing, with the decision now being reversed.

Though the March Future High Street Fund recognised the potential of the waterway passing through the town and wanted to improve mooring to attract more visitors, Fenland District Council did not recognise the importance of the boaters' requirement for water, refuse disposal and pump-out services, hence its decision to remove them.

But the action has resolved the problem, with the services being retained.