Final blow to festival

Published: Monday, 01 February 2010

THOUGH there was hope that the Wendover Arm Trust could still mount its festival this year, there is now no chance.

The land on which the canal festival is usually held has been purchased by investors, who want to develop the land for housing.

As reported in NbW, the organisers of the festival were told last year that they would no longer be granted permission to hold the 20 years old festival, but had been engaged in talks to still use the land as it is not yet being developed, but were refused permission. So the trust has announced that there will be no festival this year.

Source of income

The festival is the Wendover Arm Trust's main source of income, with the two days event raising many thousands of pounds towards the restoration of the arm, such as the new bridge shown in the photograph.

A search is now being undertaken to attempt to find another location to stage this important fund raising event.