Flash flood burst canal wall

Published: Wednesday, 17 August 2022

A FLASH flood in Worksop has burst a retaining wall of the Chesterfield Canal.

The torrential rain in Worksop, in addition to flooding the Nottinghamshire town, burst through the canal retaining wall closing the canal, Keith Gudgin reports.

WorksopFlood22'Exploded' inwards

The wall between Worksop Town Lock (50) and Bracebridge Lock (51) in Worksop 'exploded' inwards with the force of the water with the debris landing in the waterway.

In addition a great part of the town was flooded with over 30 houses and businesses and part of Bassetlaw Hospital hit by the flooding and cars submerged.

As to the damaged canal wall, engineers have been on site today to asses the damage.