Where your money goes...

Published: Saturday, 13 August 2022

THERE is one thing that Canal & River Trust are much better at than the former British Waterways.

Very much better in fact, and that is employing so many 'chiefs' that seem to have very little to do with the operation of the actual waterways.

But have your own opinion, here they are, and still coming:

Heading the organisation structure is the Chief Executive.

Under the Chief Operating Officer:

Director North West

Director Yorkshire & North East

Director West Midlands

Director  London & South East

Director East Midlands

Director Wales & South West

Head of customer Service Support

Head of Service Support

Head of Operations Support

Head of volunteering

Okay—at least they are concerned with the waterways, but what about the following:

Under the Chief Investment Officer:

Head of Estates

Head of Property Investments

Head of Utilities

Head of Commercial Water Development

Head of Business Boating

Head of Attraction Development

Under Strategy, Engagement and Impact Director:

National Insight & Evidence Team Manager

Head of Partner & Outcomes Development

Head of Supporter & Outcomes Development

Head of Marketing and Supporter Development

Strategic Transformation Team Manager

National Design Manager

National Planning Delivery Manager

Head of Individual Legacy & Giving

Under the Finance Director:

Group Financial Controller

Head of IT

Head of Procurement Services

Internal Audit & Risk Manager

Head of Finance Special Products

Under Chief Infrastructure & Programmes Officer:

Head of Project Delivery

Head of Asset Management

Head of Direct Services

Head of Programme Management Office

Transformation & Change Manager

Under People Director:

Recruitment & Resourcing Manager

Organisation Development Manager

Head of Employee Relations

HR Services Manager

Internal Communications Partner

People Change Manager

Under Director of Health & Safety:

National Health & Safety Adviser

Under Legal & Governance Director:

Senior Property Lawyer

Senior Environmental Lawyer

Senior Employment Lawyer

Senior Solicitor Advocate (2)

Commercial Lawyer

Information Governance Manager

Corporate Manager

Policy, Compliance & Assurance Manger

Still growing

51 'Chiefs' with the legal department in particular still growing and still vacancies coming up with contorted titles but large salaries. One of the latest, a Microsoft Power Platform Developer, whatever that is, salary £45,000 plus benefits.

This at a time when CaRT professes to be cutting back on non-essentials.