Boaters suffering from continued Anderton Boat Lift closure

Published: Wednesday, 10 August 2022

I HAVE noticed there’s not much on your site regarding the Anderton Boat Lift, writes Simon Philips.

 It’s been out of action since the 25th July.

No information

CaRT won’t give any information out and just keep saying boaters will have to wait till the 12th for an update.

Some boaters have had to leave their boat down on the river and go back to their homes/work etc. The North West office are generally rude and unhelpful and say they know nothing.

Boaters have now had to get together to organise and pay for their own safety surveys and passage off the river via the Manchester Ship Canal.

I’ve had to book hotels as I can’t commute to work from the river. I am not sure if you were aware of any of this.