Now it's the Coventry and Oxford in jeopardy

Published: Saturday, 30 July 2022

FOLLOWING the many northern canals closed through lack of water now it's the Coventry and Oxford in jeopardy.

Following the statement yesterday, Friday, that the Rochdale Canal is completely closed comes notice that both the Coventry and Oxford canals are in jeopardy, Keith Gudgin reports.

hillmorton bottomAtherstone Flight on the Coventry Canal is now restricted to navigation between 6.30am with the last boat through at 3.30pm and the locks chained-up at 5pm.


Hillmorton locks on the Oxford Canal are now restricted from 6.30am to 4pm daily with the locks closed at 5pm.

This is of course due to lack of water and an attempt to save it by restricting the use of the locks.