Closures and restrictions

Published: Wednesday, 27 July 2022

MORE closures and restriction are now announced.

an flutterfetti400Anderton Boat Lift is closed after its failure and following a failed attempt at repair, with others closed and restricted as Keith Gudgin reports.

[There were great hopes for the boat lift at its reopening when flutterfetti was released to celebrate, but alas its constant failures have not proved too much to celebrate.]

Water too low

The  Oxford Canal is closed with water too low for navigation between Banbury Lock (29) and Grants Lock 30, with this time vandals being blamed.

The Caldon Canal is closed with the failure of Ivyhouse Lift Bridge (11) with parts now being sourced.

Both Foxton and Watford flights on the Leicester Section of the Grand Union Canal are suffering water shortage so restricted times of operation have been introduced allowing boats between 10am and 4pm only.