Fourth stoppage for Rochdale Canal this month

Published: Wednesday, 22 June 2022

THE failure of a pump supplying water to the Rochdale Canal has resulted in the canal's fourth stoppage this month.

Pounds not navigable

The pump's failure, situated at Lock 16, means the pounds between locks 7 and 19 at Hebden Bridge are not navigable, Keith Gudgin reports.

The fault was unable to be fixed so a crane is needed to instal a replacement pump, that was to be done quickly we are informed.

Again, vandals are blamed, though the pump is situated in a locked enclosure that vandals are unable to enter.

Three other failures

The other three stoppages this month on the Rochdale were caused by both head paddles failing on Lock 15.  A further issue with a paddle failing, this time on Lock 60. Then a closure caused by low levels between locks 36 and 45.  Vandals again were blamed for the paddle failures!

Not looking too good for boaters so early in the season.