Massive refurbishment over Tame Valley Canal

Published: Monday, 20 June 2022

THERE is a £59m refurbishment planned for the A38(M) over the Tame Valley that looks likely to cause stoppages.

The work is to strengthen and refurbish the A38(M) Tame Valley Viaduct than spans the waterway, Roger Fox reports.

Signs of deterioration

This part of the ‘Spaghetti Junction’ has started to show signs of deterioration having been built in the early 1970s.

TameViaduct400Works will start this month to strengthen the viaduct’s superstructure with steel plates secured in position using a combination of welding and bolting, with anti-corrosion paint applied to the structure, together with other refurbishment works to help preserve the structure's longevity.

Though spanning the Tame Valley Canal there has been no intimation from Canal & River Trust as to any stoppages, though with such work so close to the waterway and many safety precautions in use it seems very likely.

Pillars in the waterway

Especially if the artist's impression is anything to go by—with pillars in the middle of the waterway!

Working platforms are to be installed spanning from pier to pier over the electrified railway and canal, but there is no intimation when the refurbishment will be completed.