20 people in eight vans to re-examine a stop gate!

Published: Wednesday, 08 June 2022

IF YOU ever wonder how our licence money is wasted here's a prime example.

VansStopLockThis is the very rotten stop gate at Bridge 44 at Shepdon on the Shropshire Union Canal. It's been that way for years and last winter divers turned up to inspect it.

Did the same thing then left

Then yesterday, no less than eight assorted Canal & River Trust/contractor vehicles and 20 men turned up including divers to do exactly the same thing and then leave!

Just to re-iterate, it's a simple stop gate, no other structures involved. When asked why so much manpower, the reply was that there are numerous contractors including the diver and 10 CaRT personnel for 'safety reasons'.

Not sure how effective their safety team was, allowing this operative to get so close to the water.'