Starting June with more failures

Published: Sunday, 05 June 2022

THERE have been four failures this month already, though only the fifth of the month, today, Sunday.

There is another 'Navigation: Closed' notice that certainly will not go down too well as the waterway to Ripon Marina is unavigable yet again, 'due to low water levels' on the Ure, closing the river between Rhodesfield and Bellfurrows locks Keith Gudgin reports.

No self-help

'A fault has developed' with Mexborough Low Lock, self passage through the lock is not possible at this time', we are told. Yet the notice shows 'Navigation: Open'! But boater Graham Patney tells he has been waiting with another boater at the lock all morning and certainly no self-help in the offing!

Another 'Navigation: Closed' on the Staffs & Worcs, as the top gate of Filance Lock (37) has come adrift from its mounting.

Huddersfield Narrow again

And the Huddersfield Narrow suffers again with a culvert leak between locks 20E and 21E, closing the waterway.

To finish off there's a restriction to add to the problems with the lack of water on the Kennet & Avon at Crofton flight, though boats are allowed through—at the moment.