Not so good a repair

Published: Thursday, 02 June 2022

WITH much ado and back-slapping the Canal & River Trust told of a 'vital' £450,000 upgrade to Hunt's Lock on the Weaver in December 2020, writes David Collins.

This would entail three months 'major work' to upgrade Hunt’s Lock’s ‘small’ lock, replacing the two 11 tonne lower gates and re-planking the upper gates with oak, which it was told was a 'massive and complex task'.

HuntsBoardedGates leaked ever since!

Sadly it proved to be a bit of a bodge, for from that day onwards these gates have leaked!

They were signed off as fit for purpose but still leaked!

Was the upgrade just a bodge considering the locks were never de-waterd to fit the new bottom gates. The top gates were replanked in situ but only to the water line. (Pictured.)

And now this...

And now a Stoppage Notice telling that next Tuesday 7th June a team of divers will be on site at this very same Hunts Small Lock on the Weaver to carry out an under water survey on the tail gates.

For we are told the tail gates are suffering from significant leakage, not fully opening and are difficult to operate, so navigation through the lock will be closed.

That 'vital' £450,000 upgrade was a bodge indeed.