Canal & River Trust cannot manage Standedge water supply

Published: Monday, 30 May 2022

THE water supply to Standedge tunnel is in such disarray that only four boats a week are allowed through!

standedgerockSo now there are restrictions Lock 32E to Lock 42E and Lock 24W to Lock 32W, including the tunnel, Keith Gudgin reports.

A waste of £30m

What a waste of £30m pounds that was spend restoring the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and Standedge Tunnel in 2001, as CaRT is obviously unable to manage the water supply.

It admitting this is the lowest number of boats ever allowed since the restoration.

There is currently one slot for a Monday (Diggle to Marsden), two slots on a Wednesday—one in either direction only. And one slot for a Friday (Marsden to Diggle).

Plus there is no intimation how long this will last.

(The narrowboatworld image shows the tunnel hewn out of rock deep under the Pennines.)