Signs come first

Published: Monday, 30 May 2022

BOATERS are complaining of the broken water point at Haywood Junction.

Though one still operates, the other is broken and has been for quite a while, that causes problems as the only water point in three directions for miles.

GreatHaywoodBroken for two years

Tony Compton compares it to the signs:

"So the trust can put signs up they are good at this. One of the water points been broken for two years now at Haywood Junction, do you think this is acceptable Mr Parry?"

Another boater and contributor, James Henry pointed out:

"I came out of the Staffs & Worcs under the bridge for water to find two boats 'hanging about' on the water waiting for space to clear to get water from the one remaining tap, which I was told has been out of action for years, so even at CaRT's rate of getting thing done this is a bit much."