The vagaries of Bagnall Lock

Published: Friday, 27 May 2022

I WOULD be grateful if you would include my experience of Bagnall Lock, writes Jeff Hardcastle.

As a moorer at Fradley I often use the lock [at Alrewas on the Trent & Mersey Canal] to drop down for a meal at one of the Willington pubs, but its hard work is making it rather a burden.

Virtually impossible to operate

Since it was 'refurbished' some while back it has became virtually impossible for anyone lacking strength to operate, which includes my wife and I, both 'getting on a bit'.

DifficultBagnallThe refurbishment included sawing-off of the 'dog legs' of the bottom gates, leaving the very short length gate beams that are extremely difficult to move, and at the same time the paddles so tight they too are so hard to move.

For the strong only

So I wondered how you went on with it, during your trip, for I believe the lock as it is at the moment is for the strong only!

[We agree wholeheartedly with Jeff's description of the working of the lock, with our picture showing Jan attempting to lift the paddle, finding it near impossible, and needing both of us to open the gates, with one shown cut short—Editor.]