End in sight for Ripon Lock reopening

Published: Thursday, 21 April 2022

THE complaint from Kevin Howell concerning the non-reopening of Ripon Canal as was promised has had results.

Canal & River Trust promised that Ripon Lock would be repaired and open by Easter, but it was not, that prompted Kevin's complaint, with now it seems a concentrated effort to get the lock reopened to release the many trapped boats in Ripon Marina at the end of the short arm.


The trust, in its own convoluted way, explains: 'We are hoping to have an update potentially Friday or Monday, where we will have a further insight of the type of passage that it will be after the works done this week'.

So it seems the contractors will need at least the week to get it eventually sorted, which nowadays is usual with most jobs by contractors dragged out for a week.  At what cost is not told.

Cannot be used for leisure

There are occasions however when the lock can be used, but only for boat repairs or medical appointments (by boat?) but the lock cannot be used for leisure.

The moorers at Ripon Marina must surely hope that this repair lasts longer than the few months of the last one by the contractors.