Will have made a difference to Crick Boat Show

Published: Monday, 17 January 2022

OF COURSE, the last thing I want is to be a wet blanket, writes Paula Drew.

Especially towards Crick Boat Show, which I have enjoyed for many years and is indeed a showcase for boating, but I really cannot see 'nearly 300 exhibitors' being reached this year after the decimation of so many of those exhibitors owing to the effects of coronavirus.

Not the number of boatbuilders

There certainly will not be the number of boatbuilders as in the past, for in addition to the effect of the virus there is the shortage of both steel and wood over the months that has added to the problem, and I know first-hand of such builders that have given up the business, that has been reflected in the demand for more second-hand boats over last season.

crick.2007 360An entrance fee of £18, with usually a couple so at £36, could I believe prove too much for many, if what I am being told is anything to go by. The offer of a reduction if booked in advance is fine, but there must be many, like myself, who don't want to visit when it is throwing it down so prefer to leave it until the last minute.  I once booked in advance, I believe in 2007, and was soaked!  (Perhaps you have a picture of that year Mr. Editor. [Yes indeed.])

Let's be positive

But let's be positive, for there should be many new things to see as well as entertainment and all the advice you could want so there is every chance the show will be its usual success. Let's also hope the virus keeps a low profile!

So I expect things will turn out well after all, for a two years 'rest' will give people an impetus to visit.