It all depends on use

Published: Monday, 10 January 2022

AS TO the best method of heating a narrowboat it all depends on its use, writes Martin Fox.

If the pair [From caravan to narrowboat] want mainly to cruise, as their article suggests, there is little doubt that radiators coupled both to the engine cooling system and a Mikuni diesel heater coupled to radiators would be by far the best.

'Free heating'

You then have 'free' heating when cruising via the engine and can just switch on the diesel heater when moored, both heating the radiators, and make sure you have a tank installed then you get hot water too.

If however you are stuck in a marina for the winter, the same could apply or use the provided electricity supply as heating such a small space is fairly cheap and you will not have the 'drone' of the heater to disturb your sleep.

My friends have a wood/smokeless fuel burning stove, that I admit is very cosy when open when cold, but I do not want the hassle, though it also gives hot water.  Hope this helps, but of course just my own opinion!