Not much left for repairs

Published: Thursday, 06 January 2022

I'M NOT in the least surprised to read of more winter stoppages being cancelled, writes James Henry.

As Victor pointed out the colossal cost of repairs these days by contractor Keir can't leave much left for such stoppages as in the old days then costing a few thousand now run into millions. Three millions to repair the Aire & Calder breach in fact, that doesn't leave a lot in the kitty!

Left in a mess

But not only costing so much but then left in such a mess that they have to come back for another 'go', in both the case of the Ripon and Sawley repairs that later failed.

I can but agree that getting rid of its own people and setting on contractors who seem to have little knowledge of what they are doing was indeed the worst decision Canal & Trust made, as their [contractors] work is leaving it in dire straits.

But having auctioned-off all its equipment, and even tools as well as getting rid of those knowledgable workers it is well and truly 'up the creek' without the proverbial.