Contractors strike again at Ripon

Published: Friday, 31 December 2021

THIS time we read it's the poor boaters at Ripon Marina that are stuck again, writes T. Lang.

Bodged repair

This is the result of what seems like a bodged repair earlier this year by contractors on Oxclose Lock on the Ripon Canal that resulted in it only lasting five months before having to be closed again with a similar problem.

The original failure was, it was told, a broken cill, but when the lock was eventually emptied CaRT explained there were 'holes in the lock', that became a two months job.

And now it's another hole that has caused the stoppage that begs the question—why was this not noticed the first time round?  CaRT mentioned 'holes' but it was not stated just how many holes were attended to.

Noticed and ignored?

That begs yet another question—was it noticed and ignored by the contractors whom we know only stick to repairing what has been ordered, not being the workers of old that would have the pride in their work and would report anything untoward that could cause a later stoppage.

I know my answer to the question.

[Most sorry for error when first published, now obviously sorted.]