Police boarded boat attempting to flee after abuse

Published: Wednesday, 29 December 2021

A NORFOLK Broads boater who grounded his boat objected to being questioned by police.

When the boat was freed he hurled abuse at his rescuers and sped off, Keith Gudgin reports.

CantleyNBTasered and arrested

But police officers managed to get aboard though the man still objected and when the boat was brought to a stop took up a fire extinguisher against the officers resulting in him being tasered and arrested.

The emergency services had been alerted to a boat grounded on the Norfolk Broads at Cantley, Great Yarmouth at 1 a.m. on Monday morning, but the owner, Tom Smith, objected to being questioned when a lifeboat crew, coastguard and police arrived at the scene to help him, being abusive to his rescuers.

After the boat was freed, it was then he took off at speed to escape, but police officers took chase in their craft and managed to get aboard and bring the boat to a stop, upon which the man took up a fire extinguisher to attack but was then arrested and taken to jail.

Living on the boat

Tom Smith. who was living on the boat, is now facing criminal charges, with two police officers injured during the fracas.

He is due to appear at Norwich magistrates' court at a later date to face charges of assaulting emergency workers and causing criminal damage.