It's now nine cancelled winter stoppages

Published: Monday, 20 December 2021

THE two additional cancelled winter stoppages now bring the total to nine.

The Calder & Hebble Navigation winter stoppage where the stoppage was required to carry out repairs to the leaking gates and repointing has been cancelled, followed by a cancellation of the winter stoppage to replace the bottom gates of Lock 50 at Berkhamsted, Keith Gudgin reports.

Stoppage no longer required

In both cases, the reason given is that Canal & River Trust  has reviewed these works and a stoppage is no longer required. Works will instead be completed under a restriction later in the year.

Though no later date is given for the repair to Lock 19 on the Calder & Hebble, there is a date given for the replacement of the bottom gates of Lock 50 at Berkhamsted—the 14th of February next year. that surely is still a winter stoppage, and certainly is required!

As Victor pointed out—So CaRT's Department of Silly Notices triumph once again!