Cranfleet Cut closure

Published: Friday, 17 December 2021

THE Canal & River Trust has now given the dates for Cranfleet Cut closure that was first reported in narrowboatworld.

CranfleetRailBridgeThe Cut, that connects the Trent  from its junction with the Erewash Canal and the river's lower reaches, is closed today, Friday the 17th December and will remain closed until Tuesday 4th January, Keith Gudgin reports.

Network Rail

This is caused by Network Rail working on the bridge over Cranfllet Cut on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, with the navigation closed for just under a month.

The reason the trust gives for its closure is 'in preparation for our contractors working on behalf of Network Rail, who are carrying out a full bridge replacement during the stoppage'.

It was Roger Fox who first announced the closure and explaining that further work will be carried out during the new year, hence the longer stoppage.