Cyclists come first

Published: Wednesday, 08 December 2021

I AM seething at CaRT as they have put an order on the Two Boats to remove all the seating from the front of the pub allegedly due to a cyclist clashing with a pub customer on a bench, writes Dave Carden.

two boatsHave better things to do

Not only would you have thought that the trust would have better things to do than send a solicitor round to enforce this but you would have thought that they would want to promote OUR canals by keeping pubs like this in business instead of turning them into houses!

The pub has been there since the canal [Grand Union] was built and after all it is is a towpath not a speed track for bikes and I have never seen in all my visits there that the benches encroach on the TOWpath

Urged to do the same

I have sent a letter/email to CaRT and I urge everybody who cares to do the same

AS if pubs are not suffering enough!  And what about bias to the cycle!