Sunken boat closes Coventry Canal

Published: Saturday, 04 December 2021

A SUNKEN narrowboat has closed the Coventry Canal in the city.

It was a dog walker who first saw the sunken vessel blocking the canal alerting the emergency services, Keith Gudgin reports.

SunkCoventryLog hit the propeller

The reason for it sinking is not known though the speculation by locals is that a log hit the propeller and ripped off the shaft, allowing water to rush in, there being logs in the water.

The problem at the moment is that it cannot be moved as it is creating a diesel spill that has spread quite a distance according to David Wood, whose photograph is shown.

Though some attempt is being made to contain the spill it is preventing any rescue of the boat as it is feared even more diesel will escape, though the spill is to some degree being contained.

No access

A further problem is that access to that part of the canal is impossible for lifting equipment so it really needs River Canal Rescue with its equipment and extensive knowledge  on the job!

The crew escaped from the boat.