Does not understand the advice

Published: Wednesday, 01 December 2021

I ACCEPT that the warnings by the managing director of River Canal Rescue make sense, writes T Lang.

After ail, as we read on the site the firm is well versed on the problems, having rescued so many boats and boaters over the years.

But I just do not understand the advice that 'when levels rise in floods to use the engine to keep the vessel in position, so when the water rises, the power of the boat keeps it in deeper water'.

You just cannot just leave an engine running in gear, for it means you have to stay with it all the time, that is certainly not practical as this would mean someone standing with it whilst the water rises and then lowers, which could take days.

Beach the boat

Surely it would be better to beach the boat into the side, and even secure it, most likely to a tree or anything handy and then sit it out?

And I am afraid that boarding planks are few and far between these days, I don't have one.  Mind you, with the lack of dredging these days they will more than likely return in fashion!