EA getting tough on Thames overstayers

Published: Wednesday, 13 October 2021

A BOATER who refused to move his two boats moored at Kingston on the Thames has been taken to court and convicted.

Alistair Trotman, ignored warnings from the Environment Agency that he was breaking bye-laws by overstaying moored at Moseley Lock on the Thames, Roger Fox reports.

KingstonTwoRented out

But he still would not moved his two boats, Kupe and Rhythm of River that he rented out as permanent and temporary accommodation.

At the subsequent hearing, he represented himself, denied he did anything wrong, but the Environment Agency pointed out that the boats were restricting moorings at one of the busiest locks on the Thames.

He refused to move the boats in March 2019, so the agency towed them to a wider mooring on the Thames, with the owner inside Kupe at the time, but Alistair Trotman still refused to come out and speak with the officials despite the action, documents posted into the vessels and phone calls.


On the 7th October, Staines Magistrates’ Court convicted Trotman of causing or allowing Kupe and Rhythm of River to remain in a lock, channel or cut for longer than necessary.

He was also found him guilty of twice failing to comply with a harbour master notice to move the two boats when directed. The offences were in breach of the Thames Navigation Licensing and General Byelaws 1993 and the Thames Conservancy Act 1932.

He will be sentenced on the 24th November.