Did Coronavirus finished them?

Published: Friday, 08 October 2021

I HOPE you will not mind me remarking upon the matter of the internet waterway publications that Victor told had 'bit the dust', writes James Henry.

I ask because I'm sure you remember that many, many years ago, I believe about 20, I was banned from contributing for a while after panning a well known waterways magazine, but those internet ones have already gone, so should not be of concern.

No updates

I have noticed another one has had no updates for many months, and before this, like so many of the others mostly carried Canal & River Trust and Environmental Agency what I believe are called press releases which were few and far between during the Coronavirus epidemic, and believe this is what killed them as they did not seem to have any other contributors.

The latest one was crammed with adverts, and as I realise they get a penny or two when people go on them, no readers then no pennies, and as it obviously was in it for the money, and it wasn't getting any, so out it went!  It seems there is only one left that is free!

[James' furher comments have been deleted, he risking being banned again!—Editor.]