Low water danger on tidal Trent

Published: Monday, 16 August 2021

BOATERS are warned to be wary of navigating the tidal Trent as it is at very low water that can cause grounding.

Though Canal & River Trust have issued no warning, the Shoothill Gauge Map for the levels warn that there is extremely low level throughout the whole tidal section at present, Keith Gudgin reports.

stuck ouseRisk of grounding

This means there is a real risk of grounding, so boaters should keep strictly to the marked channel and keep clear of sand banks on bends that can easily catch-out unwary boaters.

The non-tidal section from Nottingham to Cromwell Lock is also below normal level at present with care advised when navigating.

It is warned that this will impact feeder sections, with the Soar particularly mentioned that has already had sections where deep draughted boats have been grounded and could now be worse.